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Empower Feeder HoldCo, LLC

Up to $3,000,000

6.0% Convertible Notes

- Semiconductor performance is limited by power delivery, not by the processing capacity within the microprocessor. AI is requiring ever greater processing speed, driving a need for smaller and faster power supplies.

- Empower has created the smallest and fastest semiconductor voltage regulators. They are up to 1,000x times faster, 3x smaller, and 30% more energy-efficient than competitors

- Empower's innovative design and patented technology successfully addresses the power challenges encountered in the Cloud, AI, and EV sectors

0% Funded 15% Committed
SnippetSentry, LLC

Up to $5,000,000 of

Class A-3 Convertible Preferred Units

  • Over the past 24 months, the SEC has fined over 30 major Wall Street firms more than $2.3 billion for non-compliance with text-related recordkeeping. Consequently, securities firms and companies across various industries are urgently seeking mobile communication monitoring technology to meet regulatory standards set by agencies
  • SnippetSentry, LLC has developed a SaaS platform that securely captures text-based mobile communications, including iMessage, SMS/MMS, and WhatsApp. It currently supports 750+ users from 20+ major financial institutions, with plans to expand to over 30,000 users in the next 12 months. Strategic partnerships provide access to over 700,000 corporate employees.
  • SnippetSentry projects to be cash flow positive by 12/31/24, driven by further enrollment from current corporate customers. SaaS business valuations currently estimate SnippetSentry's value at 8-10 times ARR.
79% Funded 2% Committed
Long Beach 5 Star, LLC

Up to $50,000,000

14% Convertible Preferred Units

- Long Beach, with over 500,000 residents, is now a major destination for conferences (6th in the U.S.), tourism, and cruise ships, attracting over 6 million visitors annually.

- Built in 1926, the Breakers Hotel was a celebrity escape for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, and Cary Grant.

- Pacific6 has spent $246 million to restore the Breakers as a Fairmont 5-Star Hotel, featuring 185 rooms, 5 restaurants, a two-story spa, a jazz lounge, a rooftop bar & terrace, and more.

- The Project, re-opening September 2024, was recently ranked 10th on the Forbes’ global list of “30 Most Anticipated Hotel Openings of 2024.”

3% Funded 1% Committed

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