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SnippetSentry, LLC

Up to $5,000,000 of

Class A-3 Convertible Preferred Units

- Over the past 24 months, the SEC has fined over 30 major Wall Street firms more than $2.3 billion for non-compliance with text-related recordkeeping. Consequently, securities firms and companies across various industries are urgently seeking mobile communication monitoring technology to meet regulatory standards set by agencies

- SnippetSentry, LLC has developed a SaaS platform that securely captures text-based mobile communications, including iMessage, SMS/MMS, and WhatsApp. It currently supports 750+ users from 20+ major financial institutions, with plans to expand to over 30,000 users in the next 12 months. Strategic partnerships provide access to over 700,000 corporate employees.

- SnippetSentry projects to be cash flow positive by 12/31/24, driven by further enrollment from current corporate customers. SaaS business valuations currently estimate SnippetSentry's value at 8-10 times ARR.

99% Funded 1% Committed
Long Beach 5 Star, LLC

Up to $50,000,000

14% Convertible Preferred Units

- Long Beach, with over 500,000 residents, is now a major destination for conferences (6th in the U.S.), tourism, and cruise ships, attracting over 6 million visitors annually.

- Built in 1926, the Breakers Hotel was a celebrity escape for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, and Cary Grant.

- Pacific6 has spent $246 million to restore the Breakers as a Fairmont 5-Star Hotel, featuring 185 rooms, 5 restaurants, a two-story spa, a jazz lounge, a rooftop bar & terrace, and more.

- The Project, re-opening September 2024, was recently ranked 10th on the Forbes’ global list of “30 Most Anticipated Hotel Openings of 2024.”

3% Funded 1% Committed
DNP Leasing Company, LLC

Up to $3,000,000

14% Senior Secured Notes

- DNP Leasing Company, LLC is a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”) created to purchase freezers and other assets utilized by PROOF Hard Ice Cream (“The Company” or “PROOF”). PROOF manufactures alcoholic ice cream using a proprietary production method that allows regulated levels of alcohol to be formulated into a high-quality ice cream.

- DNP Leasing will purchase the freezers (and other operating equipment), and lease them to major retailers like Costco, Binny’s, Albertsons, and PROOF themselves where they will be filled with product and displayed for the purchase of the alcoholic ice cream on each store’s floor.

- Investors will own senior notes collateralized by the freezers the SPV owns and paid debt service from the retailers’ lease payments, an interest reserve, and PROOF’s working capital.

- Based on projected freezer deployment and agreed upon lease rates, 3rd party lease payments will cover 89% of debt service over the life of the loan, before the interest reserve or PROOF’s working capital will be required.

- PROOF is selling in more than 500 retail locations and is currently rolling out into six additional states (North Carolina, Missouri, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Georgia), with plans to continue to scale its national and e-Commerce footprint Current retail partners include Costco, Walmart, Pick ‘n Save, Total Wine & More, Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, and several other grocery and liquor chains.

0% Funded 25% Committed
Drop Zone Canopy Company, LLC

Up to $2,000,000

12% Secured Promissory Notes

Tranche III - Due June 30th, 2026

- Drop Zone Canopy Company, LLC (“DZCC") acquires raw materials for, and advances labor costs to, Paradigm Parachute and Defense (“Paradigm") to manufacture and sell high quality, precision, military style parachute systems and associated defense products to commercial, government, and humanitarian customers worldwide.

- Drop Zone is vital capital to fulfill Paradigm’s ~$30,000,000 current backlog of executed contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense, foreign governments, and private defense firms. Drop Zone will purchase and own raw materials and advance labor costs. Lenders will have a perfected security interest in the materials, the finished parachutes, and the accounts of Drop Zone.

- Paradigm, like other veteran-owned small businesses, has dedicated contract carveouts and, at times, is the only vendor applicant for said contracts. In 2023, Paradigm generated over $8,200,000 in revenue and $1,200,000 in Operating Income. Simply fulfilling the current executed backlog is estimated to generate ~$13,000,000 in operating income through 2024, providing generous coverage for Drop Zone ’s repayment.

59% Funded 35% Committed
Mosaic Distributors, LLC

Mosaic Distributors, LLC

10% Convertible Promissory Notes

Due June 30th, 2025

- Mosaic Distributors, LLC (dba “Chella”) is a beauty products company with 65+ brow and eye SKUs and is the only brow-focused brand offering a combination of product selection, beauty-professional training, and service enhancements for retailing by spas/ salons.

- A 2022 McKinsey & Company beauty industry analysis emphasized that, to thrive, beauty service providers must also offer retail products to increase revenues and margins.

- The spa industry reached a record $21 billion in 2023, only 10% of salons and spas utilized eye and brow beauty brands as of 2021, so Chella has a significant growth opportunity.

- Chella now has strategic partnerships with multi-store spa/salon operators representing over potential 15,000 locations, including many of the world’s most exclusive locations.

- Chella new store order amounts average over $1,500, reorders average $562. Wholesale gross margins averaging greater than 80% across its product line.

3% Funded

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