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SnippetSentry, LLC

Up to $3,000,000 of

Class A-3 Convertible Preferred Units

SnippetSentry, LLC offers MetaSnippetTM Technology, securing all snippet-based mobile communications, including voice and video, independently of carriers. This empowers enterprises to meet regulatory recordkeeping requirements. SnippetSentry has already secured renowned institutional clients as it taps into the $6.3 billion enterprise information archiving market.

78% Funded 10% Committed
Craftom, Inc

Up to $1,500,000

14.0% Senior Secured Notes

Craftom, Inc. owns and operates an enterprise software platform that hosts a marketplace for Physical Goods, Software Products, and Enterprise Services.

34% Funded 28% Committed
Mosaic Distributors, LLC

Up to $4,731,050

6% Preferred Membership Units

Chella produces one of the world's most extensive lines of eyebrow and eye makeup products for sale through internet and "brick and mortar" retailers as well as directly through chella.com. This category of the beauty industry is expected to grow at a 6% annual rate through 2025. No dominant brand has emerged.

74% Funded 6% Committed
Local Eateries, Inc.

Min. $1,500,000 Up to $4,000,000

14% Senior Secured Notes

Due 12/15/2025

Sells claims-based (“better-for”) meat and poultry products directly to consumers (87% of sales) and wholesale to large retailers (13% of sales).

0% Funded 14% Committed
Superbrew Acquisition, Inc.

Min. $1,000,000 Up to $2,600,000

Series Seed Preferred Stock

Superbrew Acquisition Inc produces and distributes Willie’s Superbrew, an award-winning, craft-brewed, fruit- based hard beverage. Willie’s Superbrew, a relaunched company, is accelerating its path towards profitability with existing brand recognition and market penetration.

0% Funded 2% Committed
Thynk Health, LLC

Up to $1,000,000 ($650,000 Available)

6.0% Convertible Notes

Thynk Health’s SaaS platform enhances lung cancer diagnosis by identifying incidental findings, streamlining the patient follow up cycle, and providing analytical tools for hospitals.

0% Funded 7% Committed

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