Virgina Carbon Products, LLC

Raised $2,300,000

12.0% Participating Preferred Units

Virginia Carbon Products, LLC (“VCP” or the “Company”) was created to restart a former synfuel facility in Norton, Virginia that had discontinued operations in 2018 (the “Facility”). VCP will produce and sell specialty carbon feedstocks to the U.S. chemical and steel industries, starting in 2023.

Teardown Funding #1, LLC

Raised $3,727,245

11% Preferred Membership Units

Teardown Funding #1, LLC, in collaboration with Celerity Asset Management and Alaris Aerospace (collectively the “Consignees”), acquired an Airbus A330-200 for $3.27MM. The Aircraft was torn down and parts, which are wholly owned by TF1, are subsequently being sold via consignment by the Consignees.

Txtsmarter, LLC

Raised $2,020,113

6.0% Convertible Preferred Units

TxtSmarter, LLC ("TxtSmarter" or the "Company") issued $2,020,115 units and used the capital to reduce acquired liabilities, support the migration of assets, implement financial controls and systems, and provide working capital.

Berry Capital Management Equipment Financing

Raised $2,300,000

20.0% Participating Preferred Interests in SPV (12% accruing)

Berry Capital Management, LLC. is a single purpose pass through entity that is supporting the leasing of farmland and funding working capital.

Paradigm Parchute & Defense

Raised $2,500,000

14.0% Senior Secured Promissory Notes

Paradigm Parachute & Defense, Inc. (“Paradigm” or the “Company”) is a disabled veteran founded and owned business that provides high quality, precision manufactured, military style parachute systems and associated defense products to global commercial, government, and humanitarian customers.

Earlens Corporation

Raised $15,000,000

Convertible Notes

Earlens Corporation (the “Issuer” or the "Company”) issued $15,000,000 in convertible notes (the “Notes”) to fund further commercialization and product development.

Design Trade Service, Inc.

Raised $2,000,000

6.0% Convertible Preferred Stock

Design Trade Service is creating one of the world's most powerful eCommerce-based purchasing group for interior designers to instantly access products from the nation’s top furniture manufacturers without having to meet any manufacturer’s requirements to qualify for an account.

ABP Funding, LLC

Raised $3,305,500

16.0% Senior Secured Consignment Participation Notes

ABP Funding acquired an inventory pool of rotable, expendable and non-repairable Airbus, Honeywell and Boeing commercial airplane parts for sale and repayment of the note.

Dash 3 Funding, LLC

Raised $1,000,000

12% Series A Participating Preferred Units

Dash-3 is a single purpose pass through entity that funded the acquisition and consignment of an exclusive inventory of CFM56-3 aircraft engine parts.

Azzly, Inc.

Raised $2,500,000

8.0% Series B Convertible Preferred Stock

Pre-Money Valuation $12,000,000

AZZLY is a provider and developer of addiction treatment and behavioral health software for disease management. Its software, AZZLY Rize™, is an all-in-one electronic health record (EHR), revenue cycle management (RCM), and patient management (PM) solution.

Real Time Risk Solutions, LLC

Raised $900,000

Preferred Membership Units

Real Time Risk Solutions, LLC., a SaaS-based service provider, has developed a proprietary mobile platform for delivering best practices for construction, healthcare, manufacturing and general facilities management.

Surratt Cosmetics Operating Company, LLC

Raised $1,157,500

12.0% Secured Promissory Notes

Surratt Cosmetics is a luxury color cosmetics brand known for a high degree of artistry, innovation and Japanese influence, with a strong and growing eCommerce footprint. Surratt is the only emerging brand to win an Allure: Best of Beauty Award every year since its inception six years ago.