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Dash 3 Funding, LLC

Commercial Aircraft Engine Parts

Acquisition & Sale Program

Raised $1,000,000

12.0% Series A Participating Preferred

Consignment Program through June 30th, 2023

  • Dash 3 Funding, LLC (“Dash-3”) acquired an inventory pool of CFM56-3 engine parts (“Engine Parts”) originally purchased by Raven Capital Management, LLC (“Raven”) from Lufthansa Technik AG (“Lufthansa”), with an assessed fair market value of $20MM.

  • Storage, warehousing, and sales of Engine Parts have historically been, and are, effected through a consignment agent in South Florida, Broward Aviation Services (“Broward”), who has sold $7.9MM of the Engine Parts from this inventory since 2014.*

  • The CFM56-3 aircraft engine is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of second-generation, short to medium-range B-737-300/400/500 aircraft, with an estimated flying fleet of 600.

  • Average monthly sales of Engine Parts from 2014 through late 2020 was ~$106,000.*

* Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Dash 3 Funding, LLC, (the “Issuer” or “The Company”) issued $1,000,000 in Participating Preferred Membership Units (the “Equity”, or the “Security”) to fund the acquisition and consignment of an exclusive inventory of CFM56-3 parts (the “Engine Parts”).

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