Enterprise Software Streamlining Addiction Treatment

Raised $2,500,000

8.0% Series B Convertible Preferred Stock

Pre-Money Valuation $12,000,000

  • All-in-one-software solution consolidating electronic Health Records (EHR), Patient Management (PM), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for addiction treatment and behavioral health centers. Website.

  • Andrea Barthwell, MD, DFASAM, former Deputy Drug Czar under George W. Bush, has joined as a Senior Advisor and Strategist.

  • 65.0% revenue growth in 2021, exceeding long-term growth of 61.0% per year since 2019. Growth accomplished with a single-person sales team, a significant backlog of won contracts waiting to be implemented, and a robust pipeline awaiting conversion.

AZZLY, Inc., (the “Issuer” or “The Company”) issued $2,500,000 in convertible preferred stock (the “Securities” or “Series B Preferred”) for marketing efforts, technological development, and working capital.

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