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Earlens Corporation

Premium Non-Surgical Hearing Lens Solution

Raised $15,000,000

Convertible Notes

  • About 28.8 million U.S. adults have reduced hearing ability – traditional hearing aid technology is inadequate, delivering less than 40% of the full audible range.

  • Earlens has created and now offers to its patients a revolutionary hearing “lens“ that gently vibrates the eardrum directly, thus providing each user substantially improved hearing experience with 2.5x the audible bandwidth of conventional hearing aids. Video: 9/22/2021 NBC TV Coverage

  • Based upon clinical data, patients who wear Earlens:

    • Experience a statistically significant improvement in hearing,
    • Prefer the hearing experience of Earlens 8:1 over conventional hearing aids,
    • Experience 16x closer to normal hearing in critical high frequencies,
    • Perform better in significantly noisier situations,
    • Receive a more natural listening experience with a more natural sound quality, and benefit from 32% better speech recognition (vs. conventional hearing aids).
  • 73% of recent Earlens patients have switched from their traditional hearing aids. 3,000+ Earlens have been placed to date.

  • Earlens sales are made in partnership with ENT physicians (ear, nose, and throat) and audiologists who also provide ongoing patient support – the “Earlens Concierge” service.

  • President & CEO William (Bill) Facteau, a 30-year veteran of the healthcare technology industry, and senior management have a successful track record delivering break-through technologies to over 3,500 ENT physicians.

Earlens Corporation (the “Issuer” or the "Company”) issued $15,000,000 in convertible notes (the “Notes”) to fund further commercialization and product development.

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