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Paradigm Parachute & Defense, Inc.

Global Military Grade Parachute Manufacturer

Raised $2,500,000

14.0% Senior Secured Prommisory Notes

Tranche I Due 2/29/2024

  • Paradigm Parachute & Defense, Inc. (“Paradigm” or the “Company”) manufactures high quality, precision, military style parachute systems and associated defense products for use by commercial, government, and humanitarian customers worldwide.

  • Management has decades of military service specific to parachute operations and related safety inspection with the United States Army. Subsequently, they have held senior management positions at Safran, the largest parachute manufacturer in the world.

  • Paradigm sells within a niche of smaller, veteran owned parachute manufacturers. At times, they were the only vendor applicant. Over $5.5MM of contracts were in place with both government and corporate customers, the largest contracts being with AAA rated countries. Management’s professional network consistently generates a robust pipeline of prospective clients.

  • The company was generating sufficient cash flow to meet the Note’s projected debt service. The Notes were fully collateralized by all assets of the Company.

Paradigm Parachute & Defense, Inc., (the “Issuer”, “The Company”, or “Borrower”) issued $2,500,000 in senior secured promissory notes (the “Notes” or “Securities”) to support the expansion of production and contract sales.

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