Real Time Risk Solutions, LLC.

SaaS Delivery of Best Practices to the Worksite

Raised $900,000

Participating Preferred Membership Units

  • Founded in 2014, Real Time Risk Solutions, LLC. (“RTRS” or the “Company”) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that has developed a customizable risk management and quality enhancement solution for clients within multiple market segments.

  • RTRS risk management solution is made up of 3 parts:

    1) Customized Risk Point Website

    2) Mobile Applications for Data Gathering, and

    3) Executive Dashboards for Data Analysis.

  • To date, the Company has released products for Construction Safety and Quality, Manufacturing Safety and Quality, Agriculture Safety and Quality, Lockdown preparedness (Active Shooter Safety) and Healthcare Risk Mitigation.

  • InsureTech, a $3 billion+ investment category, was an 18% annual growth industry.

  • Current customers included well-known companies like Zurich Insurance, Allied Insurance, Marsh, Rolls Royce and Dyncorp.

Real Time Risk Solutions, LLC, (the "Issuer" or "The Company") issued $900,000 in participating preferred membership units (the "Equity", or the "Security") to build out corporate infrastructure needed to increase the market adoption of RTRS platform products.

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