Teardown Funding #1, LLC.

Commercial Aircraft Teardown & Sale Program

Raised $3,577,245

11.0% Preferred Membership Units

18-Month Consignment Program

  • Teardown Funding #1, LLC (“TF1”), in collaboration with Celerity Asset Management and Alaris Aerospace (collectively the “Consignees”), acquired an Airbus A330-200 (“Aircraft”) for $3.27MM.

  • The Aircraft was harvested for parts (the “Aircraft Parts”), which were wholly owned by TF1, and subsequently sold via consignment by the Consignees.

  • Parts for the A330 were in high demand with a fleet of 1,492 A330 aircraft currently active, needing regular maintenance and part replacement.

  • Management estimated ~$6.432MM of net sales from the Aircraft Parts, from which dividends were paid and principal returned to investors*.

  • Preferred dividend distributions and the return of capital were generated through cash flow from the sale of Aircraft Parts and are returned on a fixed schedule resulting in an active program for an estimated 18 months*.

Teardown Funding #1, LLC. (the “Issuer” or “The Company”) issued $3,577,245 in Participating Preferred Membership Units (the “Equity” or the “Security”) to fund the acquisition of an Airbus A330-200 MSN-891 Commercial Jet Aircraft for teardown and sale via consignment.

*These returns cannot be guaranteed.

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