TxtSmarter, LLC

eCommunications Compliance Surveillance SaaS Solution

Raised $2,020,113

6.0% Series A-2 Convertible Preferred Units

  • Compliance directives in highly regulated industries require the archival of business-related written and electronic communications.

  • Current solutions allow for data leaks, compliance, and monitoring issues, including user adoption, automatic deletion, and cost inefficiencies, requiring millions of dollars to be spent on secondary devices annually.

  • TxtSmarter, LLC ("TxtSmarter" or the "Company") has generated a proprietary, patent-pending solution (“txtsmarter”) for the archival of text messages and is the first to successfully develop a methodology for archiving the 63 quadrillion iMessages sent annually. Website.

  • TxtSmarter's solution requires no change in user behavior, driving adoption and implementation across a client organization.

TxtSmarter, LLC (the “Issuer” or “The Company”) issued $2,020,113 in convertible preferred units (the “Securities” or “Series A-2 Preferred”) to reduce acquired liabilities, support the migration of assets, implement financial controls and systems, and provide working capital.

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