VA Carbon Products

Virginia Carbon Products, LLC

A Specialty Carbon Products Manufacturer

Raised $2,300,000

12.0% Series A Participating Preferred Units

  • Virginia Carbon Products, LLC (“VCP” or the “Company”) was created to restart a former synfuel facility in Norton, Virginia that had discontinued operations in 2018 (the “Facility”). VCP will produce and sell specialty carbon feedstocks to the U.S. chemical and steel industries, starting in 2023.

  • The permitting approval process Is a significant and time-consuming barrier to conducting calcining operations, and, after equipment repair and minor modifications, the Facility will be one of few manufacturers of low sulfur calcined coal char products.

  • Opportunity: Demand for Carbon Products in North America for the Steel and Chemical Industries is increasing, while the production of specialty carbon products is declining in the U.S.

  • Solution: Virginia Carbon Products will manufacture carbon products that meet the quality and supply requirements for both Steel mills and Chemical plants.

Virginia Carbon Products, LLC (“VCP” or the “Company”) issued $2,300,000 in participating preferred units (the “Preferred Units”) to finance 1) equipment needed to restart the Facility; 2) additional equipment needed to run the facility; and 3) other operating expenses and working capital needs of the Company.

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